Improve Your Credit

People make mistakes with their credit. They may miss payments or stop making payments. Before a person knows that happens they may end up with a bad credit score. They need Dr Credit. There are some tips to help a person get back on track and improve their credit.

paying off debtsPay on Time
Even if a person has had trouble in the past all of the bills they have now have to be paid on time. Even if they are paid a couple of days late they will bring the credit score down further. Be sure all accounts are paid on time. If a person cannot make the payment they need to contact their creditor and make arrangements to pay their bill.

Get Current
Even if a person has paid their bills late in the past they need to get these accounts current. This can help improve their credit score. A person should contact their creditor and work out a payment plan to get the account back up to date.

Pay Debt Off Instead of Moving It
Instead of switching debt from one credit card to the next a person should begin to pay it off. Even if a person changes from one card to the next the amount of money that they owe does not change.

Do Not Close Accounts
Closing a credit card account can actually hurt a person’s credit score. Even if they do not use the card the account should not be closed.

Keep Balances Low
Credit cards should never be maxed out. The more debt a person has the lower their credit scores will be. Try to keep the balance on these cards as low as possible.

Check the Credit Report
credit reportA person can request their credit report from the different credit agencies. Everything relating to their credit history will show up on the report. This will allow a person to see what creditors they owe and the amount of money that they owe them. Credit reports can contain errors. A person should carefully check the credit report to make sure it is accurate. If there is an error a person should put their request in writing to have it rectified.

While delinquent accounts can stay on a person’s credit history for a period of seven years. If a person filed for bankruptcy this can stay on their credit history for as long as ten years. Follow these tips can help a person improve their credit score and begin the process of rebuilding their credit.